Why I challenged my disqualification by NBA electoral c’ttee

Why I challenged my disqualification by NBA electoral c’ttee —Osigwe

Disqualified presidential candidate of the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, Mazi Afam Osigwe, said his quest for justice made him challenge his disqualification from the election by the Electoral Committee of the NBA, ECNBA.

Speaking with newsmen in Lagos on why he went to court, he said: “I have never resigned to faith. I don’t believe in crying without doing anything. I went to court even though I love the NBA, but I love justice more.

Normally, I don’t think it is right for someone to sue an association he seeks to lead, but sometimes to sanitise a system, you need to challenge the system. I also went to court so that this does not happen to another person. “If that makes me a sacrificial lamb, so be it.

Some people called me and say, ‘oh by suing the NBA, if you apply for Silk tomorrow, they won’t give you.’ Well, when it is my time to take Silk, if it is the will of God, I will get it.

I will not for fear of what will happen today, fail to take a necessary action, and it’s not about benefits, because if it were, I’m sure if I sit down to negotiate, I can be promised juicy things. “But at some point in your life, you must live to be remembered for something and I want people to be able to reference my case as a point where people stood up to challenge this system.”

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