Perjury and it’s definition in Nigeria


A person commits perjury when he knowingly gives false testimony concerning any matter which is relevant to any question pending before the court or intended to be raised before the court.

Perjury is when a person lies to the court after taking the oath.

The punishment for the offence of perjury is 14 years imprisonment under the criminal code and 14 years imprisonment with a fine under the penal code.

In the offence of perjury, the offender gives the testimony that’s not only false but he gives the testimony intentionally and knowing it to be false. To prove the false testimony then the true copy of the Court proceedings will be used as proof.

Where a person that committed perjury did so for the purpose of of procuring conviction of another person for an offence punishable with death or life imprisonment then his punishment is life imprisonment and must be arrested with warrant.

For the offender to be convicted of the offence of perjury, he must not be convicted on the uncorroborated testimony of one witness.

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