Dual citizenship is when you have citizenship of more than one country.
In Nigeria, a Nigerian citizen by birth can acquire dual citizenship if he or she wants.( that means a Nigerian citizen by birth can also acquire citizenship of another country)

Nigeria citizenship can also be granted non Nigerian that wishes to become a Nigerian if he meets the qualifications. If his application is granted then he has dual citizenship, a citizen of Nigeria and a citizen of his own country.

NOTE: A person must forfeit his Nigerian citizenship if he he acquires citizenship of another country that is not his country by birth.

What the above statement means is that if you are not a citizen of Nigeria by birth and your application to be a citizen was granted and you later went to another country to acquire their citizenship also, on that point the law is saying that you will forfeit ( surrender) your Nigeria citizenship.

Secondly, at the time of your registration or grant of naturalisation as a citizen of Nigeria and you are already a citizen of another country that is not your country by birth, you will be ask to renounce the citizenship of that country within a period not less 12 months from the date of your registration or grant.


A Nigerian citizen who wishes not be a Nigerian again can renounce his citizenship by making that declaration in prescribed manner. The declaration will be will be registered and after the registration you will cease to be a citizen of Nigeria.

Your declaration to renounce your citizenship can be rejected on two conditions
1. If you make the declaration that you don’t want to be a Nigerian during war in Nigeria then that declaration won’t be accepted.
2. If is in the opinion of the President that it is otherwise contrary to public policy

Under the above two conditions your declaration to quit being a Nigerian will not be granted. Citizenship acquisition in Nigeria


Section 28(1)(2) Nigeria constitution

Section 29(1)(2)(3)(4) Nigeria constitution

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