Who is a citizen?
A person is a citizen of a country when he is possessing all the rights and privileges which can be enjoyed by any person under its constitution and government, and subject to the some duties and obligations

Citizenship in Nigeria
There are three ways of acquiring Nigerian citizenship in Nigeria
1. Citizenship by birth
2. Citizenship by registration
3. Citizenship by naturalisation

Citizenship by birth
You can acquire citizenship by nature of your birth in Nigeria when you qualify the criteria outlined in the constitution. Below are criteria for acquiring citizenship by birth in Nigeria.

1. You can acquire citizenships by birth in Nigeria if you are born in Nigeria before the date of Independence
Secondly, your parents or grandparents should belong to any indigenous community in Nigeria.

“Date of independence of Nigeria is 1st day of October 1960”
1b. You shall not become a citizen of Nigeria if you are born before independent and your parents or grandparents was not born in Nigeria.

2. Another way a person can be a citizen of Nigeria by birth is if the person is born in Nigeria after the date of independence and either his parents or grandparents is a citizen of Nigeria.
Furthermore, if you are born outside Nigeria but your parents are citizen of Nigeria then you are a Nigeria citizen.

Citizenship by Registration

Registration of a person as a citizen of Nigeria can only be possible if it is satisfied that
You are a person of good character and your intentions to be domiciled in Nigeria clear. You will also be required to take oath of allegiance stated in Nigeria constitution.

Citizenship by registration in Nigeria only applies to specific persons. Citizenship by registration applies to to a woman who is or has been married to a citizen of Nigeria.
Secondly, it applies to a person of full age born outside Nigeria but whose parents or grandparents is a citizen of Nigeria..
Oath of allegiance goes like this

Oaths of Allegiance
1, ………. Do solemnly swear/affirm that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to the Federal Republic of Nigeria and that I will preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

So help me God

Citizenship by Naturalisation
A person can acquire Nigeria citizenship by naturalisation only when he is qualified.
Qualifications needed to be a citizen of Nigeria by naturalisation are:
1. You must be of full age and capacity
2. Good character
3. Your intentios to be domiciled in Nigeria must be clear
4. You must have assimilated the way of life of that particular community you want stay.
5. You must be a person capable of making useful contribution to the advancement, progress of Nigeria.
6. You will take oath of allegiance prescribed by the constitution
7. You must have resided in Nigeria for 15 years before the date if your application
8. Or You have been in Nigeria for 15 years straight. Or you been in Nigeria for 12 months straight and in the 20 years just before that 12 months you have been in Nigeria for different times that if counted together will be 15 years.

Above are ways of acquiring citizenship in Nigeria. You might need to know more on Dual citizenship and renunciation of citizenship

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Section 26(1)(2)
Section 27(1)+2)
7th schedule


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